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life, lately...
/ Sun, March 6, 2016

one fine dae: life, lately...

For some reason, February felt like such a cold, dark, and emotionally draining month for me. For being the shortest month of the year, it definitely felt the longest, and even more so with it being leap year. I swear the 29th felt like two days. But hooray! March is here and I can already feel it slipping away, especially with a jam-packed agenda. 

It's been almost a year of my tiny, 400-square-foot apartment life, and things have finally settled in. For the first 6-8 months, I spent my weekends purging most of my possessions. It was a slow and steady process, but one that I'm glad to be done with. I think it will always be my nature to organize and purge, but I'm at a point where I get to enjoy my apartment. I can wake up groggy and not have to maneuver through a bunch of boxes as I make my way to the bathroom. And cook regular meals because I now have proper kitchenware. Or linger in bed on weekends because on sunny days (and cloudy ones, too), the natural light is glorious. And finally feel at home every time I walk through the door. 

one fine dae: life, lately...

one fine dae: life, lately...

one fine dae: life, lately...

one fine dae: life, lately...

I'm also getting into gardening and have a teeny, tiny budding garden of herbs and plants. Some are more fickle than others, and keeping them alive hasn't been easy, but I'm enjoying the process and it's definitely satisfying when I can pluck a few stems from my garden to add to my cooking. 

A lot of my friends have acquired their own houses during the last few months, and if you could peek into our chatroom, you'll see non-stop messages about home improvements, cleaning, and organizing. Sounds like topics that will put a baby out in a snap, but surprisingly we are so very much giddy about them. It also makes me happy that I'm slowly acquiring certain domestic skills that I never cared for during my adolescent years, and you know what, they're actually fun and enjoyable! I'm totally an old soul.

one fine dae: life, lately...

Here's to March and spring!