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feeling at home: a new series for 2016
/ Wed, January 20, 2016

One Fine Dae: feeling at home

Hello and happy 2016. I have to admit, I haven't had much inspiration, let alone time, to keep this space of mine updated on a regular basis like I did in years past. My schedule is a little more relaxed these days and I've been itching to get back into my creative groove and start sharing again, so here I am.

There's been so many changes that took place in my life in 2015, but I think the recurring topic that comes up a lot in my conversations with friends as well as quiet thoughts to myself is the idea of living with less and feeling at home. These ideas are not revelations by any means, but what I've discovered this past year, after two moves within 2 months (from a 2,000+ sq ft, 2-story house to a temporary yet dingy and damp apartment to my current 400 sq ft apartment) and feeling in limbo for even longer, is that there are little moments and things that one can do to create a sense of happiness, home and belonging. 

So let's get on with it:

One Fine Dae: feeling at home tip #1

Tip #1: Have fresh flowers, or plants, or both—always

I don't know anyone that hates flowers or plants. I have friends (and myself) who have a hard time keeping plants alive, sure, but hate? Nope. I think keeping a little bit of nature inside your living space makes the place feel a little more alive, fresh and homey. If you're like me and have a tough time remembering to water plants that are super needy (looking at you herbs!) then try something more independent such as an air plant or cactus. Air plants are easy and you can dress them in cute glass bulbs. They're so low maintenance you almost want to water them more often than need to. As for flowers? Well, they're just easy on the eyes and some on the nose. Have you ever felt uninspired or dull in your home office? Next time try adding a handful of fresh flowers, hauled from the market, store, or a neighbor's garden, and boom! Instant cheer. And if these reasons don't convince you, may I bring science into the conversation and say that plants help with air quality and circulation? Cuz NASA says so.