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simple things + the olympic dream
/ Wed, March 31, 2010


I absolutely adore all the sweet and simple toys and things that Joel makes for him and his kids. That lamp he fashioned together with simple wire and fabric is just...perfect!

. . . . .

The sun decided to show itself today after days of schizophrenic weather. So I took advantage and went for a jog down at the beach overlooking the city's skyline. Mother Nature was trying to discourage me by letting a few drops of rain slip down, but I persevered so she backed off.

I only jogged half the usual length today (about 3/4 mile) because I didn't want to push myself too much on my first day back. But while stretching out at the end of my run, a man walks by and jokingly asks if I was training for the Olympics. Ha! I wanted to tell him I was training for the Jogging So Slow It's Like Speed Walking event, but instead, I politely smiled and said, "No" in a you've gotta be kidding me, right? kind of tone.

The closest I'll ever get to "living the Olympic dream" is watching an event at the event. Someday...