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charlie brown (6)

"happy friday!"

/ Fri, September 23, 2011


...says this little guy.

Enjoy the weekend!

natalie as is + charlie's victory

/ Fri, March 26, 2010


Such amazing binding details from Natalie As Is. Visit her shop, too!

. . . . .

Charlie and my dad have been at war over one of his house slippers for a while now. It's one of those fluffy, cushioned slippers with a plushy star and moon affixed to the front. Now, I can understand why he would want to fight over them if they're brand spankin' new. I mean, who doesn't dream about reaching for the stars and moon, right? However, these slippers are anything but pristine. They're so old that the bottom is no longer cushioned and plumped. But my dad insists on wearing them because they haven't ripped, surprisingly.

The battle between man and canine over these slippers happens about 3 times a week. And it usually happens whenever I step into the house after coming home from work. I am greeted by Charlie at the door while my dad sits on the sofa soaking up the evening news. Once Charlie acknowledges my presence, he runs right over to where the slippers are (usually next to the sofa), snatches one up, and bolts as fast as his tiny little legs can carry him. It's almost like he waits for me to come home, and uses my entrance as a distraction to make a move. Sadly, his attempts never go far because my dad and I will corner him before he gets past the kitchen.

But tonight, the little fella got to them while my dad's attention was on the internet, and he got them good. The war is finally over. The slippers are nothing more than scraps of flattened foam tossed into several trash cans now (because not only did he chew the thing, he scattered the pieces across two rooms). And a memory only to be thought of whenever my dad realizes that he's walking barefoot on a cold, kitchen floor.

what is everyone up to?

/ Sun, February 21, 2010


Seattle has been getting some gorgeous weather the past few days, especially today, and my family is taking full advantage:

Dad's replacing some broken pieces on that old gate.

Mom's prepping her garden beds for another summer filled with organic veggies and fruits.

Charlie's practicing his watch-dog skills by barking at the neighbors' kids.

And me? Making sure those spring flowers fulfill their destiny on my bedroom windowsill.

So tell me, what have you been up to on this lovely Sunday?

Bailey Doesn't Bark, but Charlie sure does

/ Sat, January 16, 2010


Nice things over at Bailey Doesn't Bark, via Etsy.

. . . . .

There are three reasons why Charlie barks. 

The first is when he perches on the couch staring out the front window and sees people walking or cars driving around the neighborhood. It's a tough act he tries to put on. You know, that whole alpha-male ego, even though he's the biggest (little) whimp ever. (I say that with much love, by the way.)

The second is when someone's at the door, and only the front door. I think it has something to do with the door bell, because when it rings, he flips out and races to get to the door first, and even tripped a few times doing so. I chuckle in silence whenever this happens. Ha.

And then there's the third, which is when he wants to go into my work space and hang out with me. He stands at the gate and barks and barks and barks until I give in. Sometimes I don't because it's hard to trust the little fella after this happened.

But after last week, I think there's now a fourth reason why Charlie barks.

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This is Charlie Brown...

/ Mon, January 4, 2010


...and these are the first (official) photos I'm posting of him. (Well, if you don't count the image on the right of him and me, taken almost 2 years ago.)

I've mentioned Charlie a couple of times on this blog, and tonight, I thought I'd do a mini photo shoot of the little guy and share them with my readers. You know, let him think he's glamorous for a minute or two. Too bad he showed no interest whatsoever, because the whole time that I was trying to get him to look up at me, he was more occupied with sniffing and chewing up my shaggy green carpet (that probably looks like grass to him) than posing for the camera. And when he finally did give me a little glance, he was conveniently snuggled up on my white, furry blanket that pretty much camouflaged him.

I guess he only likes to be vain when no one is looking. I say this because I once caught him sneaking into my room while I was still in bed, going straight to my mirror, and standing there for a good ten seconds checking himself out. Ten seconds in human years has got to be at least an hour in dog years.

paper magic from Jo Neville + something brewing...

/ Tue, November 17, 2009


Jo Neville is an extraordinary paper artist, and her paper sculptures and stationery line is oh sooo lovely. I am completely in love with her work (featured here and interviewed here on Inside Out).

. . . . .

My apologies for the lack of updates these past few days. It's been a busy week so far and I'm trying to play catch-up before the weekend comes around.

Lately, I've completely submerged myself into daydreaming and finding inspirations and stocking up supplies for a soon-to-come line of hand-made goods. As I'm going through all these wonderful blogs and creatively-made items, I can't help but get uber giddy over the many different ideas that are brewing inside my head right now. It's very much exciting not to mention invigorating. Stay tuned for updates...

Finally, I think Charlie has been bored with me as of late, and he's coming up with really creative (but hair-yanking) outlets to feed that boredom.

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