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March 2012 (4)

snippets of my room

/ Thu, March 29, 2012


Via Instagram.

. . . . .

Have you ever looked around your bedroom and noticed the little things that make your room, well, you? They could be something big and bright, or small and subtle. Either way, they're the things that make your room feel comfortable and familiar.

My room is pretty much all white. White walls, white furniture, white bedding, white curtains. It's a simple color and easy to pair with other colors. But what I love most about a white palette is that it allows all the ordinary, or semingly mundane, things to stand out.

My sheets and duvet cover are white, but the edge of my pillow covers have gray leaves. An empty mobile hangs from a corner of my ceiling, always subtly swaying and spinning to the room's natural airflow. The collection of W magazines that I've yet to read, stacked next to vintage Fortune magazines that I've yet to look through. And the warm presence of Charlie next to me as I reluctantly wake up every morning.

scrabble typography edition

/ Tue, March 27, 2012


Found via @bhefter

. . . . .

This limited edition Scrabble Typography board game is now on my wish list. Seriously, what a beauty.

Speaking of Scrabble, do any of you play on your mobile/portable devices? If you do, look me up under daydreameeer and we can play! I'm kind of obsessed...

spring's a comin'

/ Mon, March 19, 2012


Signs of spring are poppin' up everywhere! A few snaps from around my yard with Instagram.

(If you'd like to follow, my username is onefinedae.)

black and white from zara

/ Thu, March 1, 2012


Embroidered skirt, studded shoulder dress, laced blouse, and sequined dress.

. . . . .

I'm not sure when Zara opened an online shop for US customers, but I just recently discovered it, and am so in love with everything on their site. Some of my faves are these simple and elegant black and white pieces.