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July 2011 (7)

goodbye july + snail mail my email

/ Sun, July 31, 2011


Found via @espiekermann.

. . . . .

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. I can't believe July is almost over. Where is the time going these days?!

I recently discovered this cool project headed by Ivan Cash called Snail Mail My Email. It's seriously as simple as it says, and probably one of the coolest community projects I've seen lately. If you've been meaning to get in touch with someone, definitely try it out. You can even make one custom request. But act fast, the project ends August 15th.

new pencils in the shop

/ Thu, July 28, 2011


I just added these bright and colorful days of summer pencils in my shop. Each set comes with six different colors and past times. They're so cheery and fun, and remind me of my childhood summer days.


/ Thu, July 28, 2011


Shop Clementine is absolutely stunning.


/ Tue, July 19, 2011


I was in Canada a few weeks ago with five of my besties. I snapped this photo as we were strolling in downtown Vancouver looking for breakfast. This was our second trip together. Our first was 3 years ago.

We've known each other, more or less, since middle school. Not all of us were friends at the time, but we all knew of one another through mutual friends. I can't say exactly how we became a 6-pack. Or how we're able to not drive each other completely crazy (there's been some close calls, for sure). Or how we've managed to stay so close over the years, even when a few of us have moved halfway across the world. But what I can say is that when we're all together, we fit like a jigsaw puzzle. And I feel so lucky and fortunate to have these lovely ladies as girlfriends.

your nest inspired + millionaire hero

/ Thu, July 7, 2011


Beautiful, minimalistic and functional designs, by Your Nest Inspired.

. . . . .

My friend Long sent me a link to yesterday's Today Show, and the story just touches my heart. It's about a janitor named Tyrone Curry who won the state lottery of $3.4 million in 2006, but still continues to do what he loves each day for the past 34 years—being a janitor and coaching the Evergreen High School track and field team.

That was my high school y'all, and he was my janitor! Goodness, what an amazing hero.

cooking with photoshop

/ Tue, July 5, 2011

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! (And to my people in the states, a wonderful 4th of July.) I pretty much surrounded myself with restaurant food all weekend, accompanied by great friends, of course.

Speaking of food, isn't this Cooking with Photoshop video by Maya Rota Klein neat? If only Photoshop could really bake, it would make the novice-baker me look like a pro! Haha. 

(Thanks for the link, Pamela.)

honey cup + happy weekend!

/ Sat, July 2, 2011


Such endearing illustrations from Honey Cup.

. . . . .

Wow. This 4th of July holiday weekend really snuck up on me. I almost forgot about it, but so glad it's here. A busy, yet fun-filled weekend with lots of friends, old and new. Also excited to see glimpses of pretty sparkles lighting up the night sky. Those are always the best.

Have a great one guys!