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February 2011 (5)

simply objekts + hello again

/ Mon, February 28, 2011


Beautifully aged pieces I'd want to own, from simply objekts.

. . . . .


Hope everyone is doing well. Amazing that today is the last day of February, yet this supposedly short month has felt extremely long to me.

Maybe because there's been a whirlwind of things that have happened, or the fact that it's been extremely cold the past week, or that I'm really, really wishing for summer. Whatever it may be, I'm just glad to say goodbye to February.

Hopefully March will be a warmer, calmer, and happier month.

Oh, and I think I'm back again.

vitrine + subliminal messaging

/ Wed, February 9, 2011


Curated products from Vitrine are so much fun! (Via @tokketokpress)

. . . . .

I was grabbing napkins off the napkin dispenser from a bakery at lunch today, and noticed a sticker with tiny black type that read:


I stopped at two instead of going for a third.

may the force be with you

/ Sat, February 5, 2011

Happy Saturday! It's Super Bowl weekend here in the states.

To those not from around here and not familiar, it's pretty much the largest and most watched sporting event on TV for Americans. It's crazy. People will literally schedule their whole year around this weekend, and even buy new TVs just to watch the game. And, more pizza is consumed on Super Bowl weekend than any other week in the year. I kid you not; just check out the facts.

My favorite part about the Super Bowl, however, is seeing all the new, hilarious commercials. I'm sure this holds true for a lot of people. I mean, when your team doesn't make it into the Bowl, there's gotta be something else to look forward to, right?

Speaking of commercials, isn't the new Volkswagen one adorable? (via @pawlingprint)

scout & catalogue

/ Thu, February 3, 2011


Loving Scout & Catalogue. That white lace one is seriously saying, "Come hither, Linda..." More things on their site.


/ Tue, February 1, 2011


July 2008 @ Seattle Aquarium.

. . . . .

Hi friends. I'm peeking in just to say a quick hello, but will have to bow out for a little while longer.

Isn't the sea otter above just darling? He looks so cute and peaceful as he's sucking on his tail while sleeping.

I kind of feel like him these days. Hibernating from the world. Well, in my case, the blog/social media/handmade crafts world, because so many different (yet wonderful) things in life have suddenly just taken me over, and I'm still trying to figure out a happy medium to spread myself between the online world and real world.

I'm totally being lame and ambiguous when calling these two worlds "online" and "real," but it's the only way I know how at the moment.

I recently have been spending more time away from the computer (when I'm not at work) to play volleyball. And, to say the least, it has been quite invigorating to be able to play some pick-up ball with old (and new) friends again. It's been so much fun that I'm putting together my own volleyball team to join a league at the community center in the spring. I seriously have not done this since college, and it's making me realize how much fun I used to have, and going to have come the next few months.

And if that's not enough, my BFF and I are trying to start our own little Scrabble league. Okay, so that doesn't require as much endurance and energy as volleyball, but it still requires time and planning.

But don't worry, I'm not losing interest in blogging and everything else that have blossomed from it by any means. Just call it a little break, if you will, until I can sort out my schedule and find time to be inspired again.

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments that have been coming in lately. I appreciate each and every single one. They really do make my day.