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December 2010 (20)

that's a wrap

/ Fri, December 31, 2010


What a sweet moment this is. Photo by kayodeok.

. . . . .

Hello lovelies!

Happy Friday, and happy last day of 2010. 

I'm signing off early on this extra long weekend, so wanted to wish you all many, many wonderful things as you say goodbye to this year, and hello to the next.

And 2011, I can hardly wait to meet you. I believe we are going to be great friends. Cheers!

if these trees could talk...

/ Wed, December 29, 2010


...I bet they would only have lovely things to say. (By Angela Vandenbogaard.)

. . . . .

And thank you for all your thoughtful comments about the planner. I really appreciate the positive feedback and feel so happy that I can share my work and stories with you all.

the planner project, a personal fave

/ Wed, December 29, 2010


Did I ever mention that my paper shop idea came about through a conversation I had with my friend (while sitting in our tiny living room apartment) regarding the lack of nicely designed planners that were sold in stores? Yep. And I remember her suggesting to me that I should design my own planner instead.

That was early 2009.

Since then, I've created other paper goods, but no planners. (It's one of those things where you know you can do it any time so you end up not doing it at all.)

So when my friend Kevin came to me and asked if I could design a personalized planner to give to his girlfriend Lucy for Christmas, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. It was like I was reminded of why I started my shop in the first place. Working with Kevin was easy—he told me what he wanted (a monthly-view planner) and suggested a few styles and colors based on what his girlfriend likes, and left the rest up to me. This allowed me to combine Lucy's style with my own design aesthetics to come up with something she will like, but that I will also personally admire. Designers should always be a fan of their own work. You stay in the profession longer that way, I think.

The finished product includes my vision of what simple planners should look like, what Kevin thought Lucy would love, and a few extra special details to make the planner truly personalized. It has thin rules, boxes big enough to actually write in, lots of room for notes, extra writing pages, and little touches of personality.

This planner is probably my favorite custom project of 2010, just because it reminds me of how I got started, and why I love to design and create things that are meaningful to people.

artifact bags

/ Tue, December 28, 2010


Digging the industrial quality of these handmade bags by Artifact Bags.

shop update + make things happen

/ Mon, December 27, 2010


Hello there. Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend. Mine was quite relaxing (I napped a lot!) and somewhat productive, too.

I was able to squeeze in a little shop update over the break. New to my shop are joe & ann matchbook notepads (characters from the wonderful classic, Roman Holiday), and these pretty pencils, which are available for pre-order.

Now that one of the biggest holidays of the year is out of the way, am excited to get through this last week of December and start 2011. Looking forward to new travels (I have my eye on the east coast...during summer...sans blizzards), and new ideas and goals for my budding paper shop.

happy holidays

/ Fri, December 24, 2010


Leavenworth, Washington. Photo via noodle 'n thread.

. . . . .

It's Christmas Eve. I have a couple, last minute things left to do on my list before I turn in for the day and enjoy the weekend.

I hope everyone has a safe and joyful holiday with their family and friends.

Eat lots, laugh lots, and sleep lots.

personalized pencils

/ Tue, December 21, 2010


Just received these pencils in the mail last week, and they are so much fun. I love that they also add pops of color to my desk, and remind me of summer.

Now I just need a pencil sharpener...

(P.S. I'm also including one in every order from the shop, while supplies last. Which color do you fancy?)

three little ducks + so far this weekend...

/ Sat, December 18, 2010


Simple and sweet, from Three Little Ducks.

. . . . .

I've slept through a thunder storm that apparently killed the electricity sometime during the night,

sent out holiday cards,

and picked up my late-but-better-than-never Christmas tree.

Hope yours is a good one!

notebooks are a girl's best friend

/ Fri, December 17, 2010


I am always and forever a notebook/planner type of girl. And Millimeter/Milligram never fails to please.


/ Thu, December 16, 2010


I'm usually not one to wear brooches, but these little guys from Teconlene really steal my heart.

. . . . . . . . . .

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