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August 2010 (15)

g'day, mate!

/ Wed, August 25, 2010


Hello friends!

By the time you read this, I will be well on my way to Australia!

I am sorry that I did not prepare any vacay posts while I'm out, but I promise there will be many stories and pictures to share once I return.

Enjoy the rest of August and I will see you again in September.

follow studio + mummies don't need ears

/ Mon, August 23, 2010


Follow Studio's shop looks like a beautiful paper dream. And their blog is like a dream within a dream. (Thanks for the link Justine.)

. . . . .

I went to the pet store and bought Charlie snacks and a new toy today. The toy is a doggy with an extra elongated body dressed up like a mummy. He came from the Halloween display section, and looked cute in the best possible way a toy dog dressed up as a mummy could look.

Gave it to Charlie and a couple hours later both ears were completely chewed off.

Either I bought a really cheap toy or Charlie holds no mercy.


/ Sun, August 22, 2010


Pretty. From Nadinoo.

emma watson with people tree

/ Fri, August 20, 2010


Spring 2010 collection, via InStyle.

. . . . .

I recently discovered the fashion line of Emma Watson (yes, the smart chick from Harry Potter) and am loving her fun, simple, and chic styles. She collaborates with People Tree, an environmentally-conscious label that supports eco-friendly fashion and Fair Trade. Designing clothes and helping the world? Talk about awesomeness.

Watson's Spring 2011 line is set to debut on September 12 during fashion week in the UK. In the mean time, you can check out her Summer 2010 collection here.

I'm just torn that her line is not available in the States. So to all you lucky souls living in Europe...I'm quite envious of ya'll right now. No, make that really envious.

j.crew + "the romantics" = love

/ Thu, August 19, 2010


Photos via J.Crew.

. . . . .

What can be hotter than the cast from The Romantics (based upon the novel by Galt Niederhoffer) modeling the limited-edition, Fall 2010 line of J.Crew?

Well, if it was a week earlier, Seattle's weather might have been a close contender, but now that it's back in the 60s, I'd say nothing.

I heard about Katie Holmes and Josh Duhamel modeling for J.Crew a few months back, but didn't read up on the details. Then, after seeing a couple of tweets from Suann (@simplesongdc) and Susan (@fleurishing) today, I couldn't help but do a post about it.

I mean, how gorgeous are these photos? Everyone looks so good. And from the behind the scenes video, they all seemed like they had a blast. 

The movie drops on September 10, BTW, if anyone's interested.

sarah mcneil

/ Wed, August 18, 2010


Sarah McNeil's shop is full of sweetness.

elin thomas

/ Wed, August 18, 2010


Loving the weave and stitch work of Elin Thomas.

anja mulder

/ Tue, August 17, 2010


My new favorite blog: the photographic work of Anja Mulder. Her photos are so simplistic, but have so much to say. And I love the way she arranges all her items in these collection shots.

cosas mínimas

/ Wed, August 11, 2010


These ever so lovely Parisian greeting cards, by the talented illustrator and designer Blanca Gómez of Cosas Mínimas, has gotten me daydreaming about Paris and Europe again. So sweet, yeah?! Visit the blog and shop, too.


/ Tue, August 10, 2010


Sweet, simple things from Packagery.

. . . . . . . . . .

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