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April 2010 (10)

the sunday times market

/ Thu, April 29, 2010


Got an instant dose of happiness from looking through The Sunday Times Market. Lots of great vintage finds and pops of color. Also visit their blog.


/ Wed, April 28, 2010


Loving the stuff they have over at Millimeter/Milligram (MMMG). That card is so clever!

bags + only in small towns

/ Mon, April 26, 2010


I think my wallet wants a new home and these J.Crew bags are definitely calling out to me...err...I mean my wallet.

. . . . .

It seems as though lots of people were away on trips this weekend, myself included.

I visited Yakima, a city known to the locals (and I-82 passersby) as "The Palm Springs of Washington." Or so the sign reads. The place is about two and a half hours east of Seattle, and a definite change in scenery. The small town sits on a valley, and all I could see were bright blue skies with cotton ball clouds and endless rolling hills, in all 360 possible degrees.

I went there with a friend to visit another friend. It was us three gals, roaming the wide-open land that Yakima Valley had to offer. Many sweet moments to remember from the trip, including a walk along the canal overlooking the entire city, tumbleweeds rolling across the streets (something I've only seen in the movies), ladies and gents square dancing under the trees, vineyard hopping for some free wine tasting, home-cooked dinners, and a night with Bogie and Bacall in The Big Sleep, which I highly recommend by the way.

Yes, indeed, it was a lovely weekend.

chalk chalk

/ Tue, April 20, 2010


Completely smitten over these vintage bike/wagon chalk drawings from Chalk Chalk.

uguisu + puppy in pink

/ Mon, April 19, 2010


UGUiSU's stationery products are so sweet (via Pitch Design Union)! I am so inspired by all things Japanese.

. . . . .

So I was sitting and talking with my cousin last week at Alki Beach when the most adorable baby bulldog I had ever seen came up to us. She was taking an afternoon stroll with her owner, and as she came closer, I noticed her toenails were painted bright pink! I glanced over at the owner's fingernails and she, too, had on nail polish, in the same strawberry-pink color.

Talk about a furry fashion statement.

just the two of us

/ Wed, April 14, 2010


Photos taken with my Polaroid SX-70, with new PX 100 monochrome and the last few packs of 600 film (all available for purchase from The Impossible Project). The silly photo of us was taken by our friend Ryan.

. . . . .

My lovely cousin Eileen flew up from San Diego this past weekend to visit me + friends, and we had the most wonderful-est of times roaming about and letting our minds get lost in gorgeous Seattle weather (hence the MIA).

Our limited days were spent over happy hours, cookies 'n ice cream, heart-to-heart conversations, and a whole lotta laughter. We're a random and spontaneous duo when we're in close proximity, and more often than not, those traits have definitely gotten us into some pretty sticky situations. Ironically, those always end up being the best stories to laugh over between us. It's too bad she doesn't live across the street from me, we'd probably tear up the whole neighborhood! But at least she lives on the same coast, and only a non-stop-2-hour-plane-ride away.

flora and henri

/ Thu, April 8, 2010


While strolling on the Hill yesterday evening (as in Capitol Hill, a neighborhood in Seattle, not the TV show), I couldn't help but stop to swoon over the adorable outfits and toys on display at Flora and Henri. They have the sweetest pieces for babies and kids, and even some styles and accessories for adults (among other things).

I don't have any kids, but looking at their collection makes me want one just so I can dress them up. So cute!

micah player + march madness, huh?!

/ Tue, April 6, 2010


Love the work of graphic designer and illustrator, Micah Player. His people drawings make me want to have myself drawn in that form.

. . . . .

I'm not one to follow professional sports. So anything on the college level is zippo.

Okay, so maybe once in a blue moon, I'll watch an important game just to get into the excitement. You can call me a fair-weather fan. I won't deny it. (Don't get this confused with me actually playing sports, though. I love to play and can get very competitive.)

Anyway, so last year, I found out what March Madness was. And that was the extent of my curiosity. This year, however, that curiosity evolved into a full-fledged gamble with unfavorable results.

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/ Mon, April 5, 2010


Sweet and simple blouses from Foret.

a mini photo shoot

/ Sun, April 4, 2010


I finally got a chance to put together a mini photo shoot today of the projects I've been working on (mentioned a few weeks back). Above are some sneak peaks of the final photos.

I haven't picked up my camera to do artistic photography for a while now, so this shoot definitely brought back all the giddiness I used to get when venturing about with my photo friends. It's also my first time doing product photography, so quite a bit of crouching had to be done to frame the shots right. In the end, I'm fairly happy with how everything turned out.

Will share more so stay tuned!

(A random, but fitting, thought: I walked into a vintage shop yesterday located on Antique Row in Tacoma. They were having a little egg hunt. I found an egg within the first 15 seconds after stepping into the shop, and walked out 30 minutes later with only that egg. Talk about beginner's luck.)

Well, on that note, Happy Easter!