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November 2009 (12)

Coziness by Netamir

/ Sat, November 21, 2009


Loving the concept behind these adorable slippers by Netamir. My feet would definitely thank me.

Yellow Owl Workshop + free screening

/ Thu, November 19, 2009

Yellow Owl Workshop's small and limited-edition collection of stamps and prints are so simple and sweet. I can definitely see myself having fun with those stamp sets.

. . . . .

I'm always up for (almost) anything that's free. Tonight, it was one of the more appealing offers, an early screening of Everybody's Fine.

The movie was surprisingly a bit less lighthearted and more dramatic than I thought. But it was told in a delightful and endearing manner. And I thought the minimalistic cinematography along with a 1960s/70s vintage flare brings an artistic and charming touch to the overall work.

beautifully captured + driving for dummies, ch.01

/ Wed, November 18, 2009


Photography by Alicia Bock. Her I Love Paris In The Springtime series is breathtakingly beautiful, as same with her monochromatic pieces. I want! I want!

. . . . .

Earlier this week, I drove to work on my usual route (SR-99 northbound). Traffic was particularly heavy that day, so I figured it was probably a petty little accident between two drivers who didn't see each other. I got antsy in my seat trying to look to see where the cause of the congestion was, and how long it would take me to pass it. I sat through the stop-and-go, but saw no accidents.

Maybe everyone decided to get a free car wash from the rain today, I murmured. But no, that wasn't it either.

Turns out it was one of those driving-under-the-limit drivers, in that new Scion, boxy-model cars, in bright neon green. He was in the middle lane, going about 25 on a 45 mph road. And as I found an opportunity to change lanes, I glimpsed over and what do you know, the dude was on his cell phone!

Now, how annoying is it to drive behind a slow driver who's congesting traffic during the morning commute, then to find out that he can't multitask properly?! And even worse, doing it in one of the lesser tasteful car designs out there! Sorry, but those are definitely grounds for driving failure.

paper magic from Jo Neville + something brewing...

/ Tue, November 17, 2009


Jo Neville is an extraordinary paper artist, and her paper sculptures and stationery line is oh sooo lovely. I am completely in love with her work (featured here and interviewed here on Inside Out).

. . . . .

My apologies for the lack of updates these past few days. It's been a busy week so far and I'm trying to play catch-up before the weekend comes around.

Lately, I've completely submerged myself into daydreaming and finding inspirations and stocking up supplies for a soon-to-come line of hand-made goods. As I'm going through all these wonderful blogs and creatively-made items, I can't help but get uber giddy over the many different ideas that are brewing inside my head right now. It's very much exciting not to mention invigorating. Stay tuned for updates...

Finally, I think Charlie has been bored with me as of late, and he's coming up with really creative (but hair-yanking) outlets to feed that boredom.

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oh sing sweet nightingale

/ Sat, November 14, 2009


Came across these darling bird-inspired lighting designs by Zhili Liu (via Apartment Therapy). They're so simple and yet they convey the concept of different bird types so well (sparrows, nightingale, and doves). Not to mention they'll look elegant and brighten up any room in the house. You can read more about the concept and designer at Dezeen.

. . . . .

Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend! Seattle is brrrrr today, so be sure to bundle up if you're in the area. 

designs via Veer + The Governess

/ Thu, November 12, 2009


Am loving all the design-savvy merchandise carried by Veer. They've got a small inventory but eclectic nonetheless. These items that I'm giddy over are: 2010 Pentagram Calendar, Megabyte Toy (the pixel cleaner-upper), Felt Laptop Sleeve, and Diana+ Camera Starter Kit.

. . . . .

This morning on the bus, a woman who claimed to be "The Governess" refused to give up an extra seat, called one of her royal subjects a homosexual, and left everyone else standing submissively along the aisle. Luckily the bus driver lives in present day because when he heard the commotion behind him, he wasn't going to have it. So he used his authority to verbally kick her off her high horse. As she was leaving, her quivering voice asked for a transfer, and everyone at the front witnessed her walk of shame out the door while joyfully clapping at their successful overthrow. 

Take that, your highness.

recent J.Crew favs

/ Wed, November 11, 2009


Having a hard time resisting these lovelies from J.Crew.

warm winters under Seattle shades

/ Wed, November 11, 2009


Loving Dawn Bassett's custom-made LIT shades. And she's right in the neighborhood!

. . . . .

Just pulled out a new bottle of Bath & Body Works anti-bacterial soap in Moonlight Path from my stash. The smell is a-m-a-z-i-n-g and reminds me of warm winters. 

Oh, and whoever invented foaming soap is brilliant! Gold star for you.

all day i dream about type

/ Tue, November 10, 2009


 Sovereign Regular, Miso, Cardo, Day Roman, Myndraine and Apogee Rounded Sans Beta

. . . . .

Lately, I've been looking into new typefaces to download and use for work as well as personal projects. Most, if not all, design fonts have to be purchased due to the fact that type foundries invest a lot of time and patience into creating them. And 95% of the plethora of fonts that are left to download for free don't really have that quality and charm that designers like myself go giddy for.

But after some determination and filtering, I finally came across a web site that offers a collection of 65 aesthetically pleasing typefaces accumulated from all over. And the best part? They're all free! 

Now, don't get me wrong, not all 65 of these typefaces are spectacular in my opinion. But a good number of them are quite lovely, especially those seen above. 

So, if you're like me and are looking to update your font collection, go check it out. And if you're feeling extra bold (no pun intended), use one on your next project.

Grant Hamilton + love / love relationship

/ Sat, November 7, 2009


Grant Hamilton's collection of polaroids is hands down one of my favs on Flickr. His simplistic approach to capturing graphic compositions brings out a delicacy and quirky playfulness in his work. See his full collection here and be sure to check out his other photographic sharings on Flickr.

. . . . .

Seattle had one of its all-day weather mood swings on Friday, with a combo of rain+wind+hail+thunder+lightning. Add traffic into the mix and you've got the perfect ingredients for a bad commute.

But despite all the grossness, what made my day was when a sales associate at J.Crew told me that the skinny headbands I was eying were $2.99 each because she couldn't pull up the price from their internal catalog. What did I do then? What any girl would at that moment: bought all the colors in that style.

J.Crew, I've always adored you, but I think this marks the beginning of our love/love relationship.

. . . . . . . . . .

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